Greetings from...
    Japan ? ? ? ?  
Laos 1998
Tibet 1999
Rome 1999
Cuba 2000
Central Asia 2001
Germany 2002
The Netherlands 2002
Central Asia 2002 (a)
Central Asia 2002 (b)

"Greetings from..." is a series of quick-and-dirty postcards intended for all those I could not send a paper one, but would have liked to send one to.

The images are usually scanned from contact prints, the first usable prints that I have available after returning from a trip; this is done so the postcard is available as fast as possible, picture quality is not the first priority here. Enjoy!

As of 2001, to make this little site somewhat more accessible, the images also have a longdesc description associated with them; the URL is always the page name preceded by 'ld_', so for pccaz2002b.html the image's long description is found at ld_pccaz2002b.html.

Some time in the future there will be a separate site dedicated to my travel photography and stories - this will definitely be announced here, so check back every now and then!

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