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HomeSite and Studio users: All you ever wanted to know about VTML: documentation and several pages with Tips and Techniques. And tag editors written in VTML to help you edit VTML tag editors. VTML is Allaire's Visual Tag Markup Language, the language in which the visual tag editors of HomeSite and Studio are defined. You can adapt them, or create your own, giving you a great deal of flexibility in writing code, as well as an easy way to standardize it.

Not just for HomeSite and Studio users: Of interest to anyone creating web sites is the section about  Validation  with short reviews of online and offline services and tools.

The Bookstore And don't miss The Bookstore  where you can find books for webmasters of all levels: whether you're just learning HTML or responsible for creating large-scale web sites, you'll find useful books here that can be ordered directly on-line.
Even better: you'll find a lot of interesting material, too, so you can be entertained for hours or learn a lot without ever buying a book...
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And more... such as the Blogs. check it out!

Java Woman

All you ever wanted to know about Java!

There's a whole site devoted to JAVATM; it's called Java Woman and contains many links to various JAVA resources - now partially moved to its own domain. There, you can also have a look at my very first applets using my very first class! You can even download the classes and the source for all of that from there, so go and have a look!

NOTE: Yes, I know this site is badly in need of maintenance. I have not forgotten but alas right now I have some other priorities, such as moving a few whole sites to a new server with completely new software. And sites that get more visitors tend to get more of my maintenance time. Once I've caught up, I'll put the material for Java Woman in a database so it's easier to maintain.

Greetings from...

A number of quick-and-dirty electronic postcards from several of my travels for those I could not send a paper one.

Self Portrait

On my trip through Centra Asia in 2001 I also made a self portrait!

Centraal-Azië 2002
Central Asia 2002

In 2002 I made another trip through Central Asia. Here's a detailed journal. Mostly (still) in Dutch but when I have some time more pages will be translated in English, too. If you don't read Dutch, you might want to browse it for the pictures. More pictures will be added later, but my scanner broke and I am broke...

Learning Turkic Languages

In Central Asia (where I went for the third time in the fall of 2002), various Turkic languages are spoken. They're all closely related and speakers of one language can understand speakers of another well enough to enable trade, for instance. The area where Turkic languages are spoken stretches all the way from Turkey to Mongolia and beyond. So I started on a Turkish course; but while I'm at it I'm comparing words and phrases with those in at least two of the languages I'll encounter: Turkmen and Uzbek. At Learning Turkic Languages you'll find my efforts at "Turkic for travellers" - with pronunciation where available!


In 1999 I was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the USA for a conference. At the end of the week I had a day off and made some pictures with a little throw-away camera. The results were better than I expected from a piece of plastic, and the best ones can be seen in Pittsburgh - a photographic impression; choose the pictures one by one from the thumbnails, or view them as a slideshow.

Java: Hype of hoop?

Here's the on-line version of a lecture I gave for a computer club in Amstelveen (near Amsterdam) in 1997. The presentation is in Dutch. I originally offered to make an English translation if I'd get enough votes but didn't get very many reactions. By now, the material is too outdated to make such an effort anyway. But the original presentation still exists, though now in archived form at the Java Woman site. The English translation of the title is "Java - Hype or Hope?".

More History...

And of course, Marjolein's Cambridge Technology Group and Related Links, the very first site I ever created, still exists. This is where my personal Java stoy began: a project my company did with CTG where I first learned some Java and together with some of my colleagues became an enthousiast; this page I made for my colleagues before we went to Cambridge, to provide background information on the company. This one-page site is no longer on Ourworld at CompuServe, nor Demon, but archived at the Java Woman site now. The page is unchanged since it was published in late 1996; expect non-working links!

On that same page, you'll also find a links to various resources that were useful then, including my by now "classic" Report on HTML editors and other tools; of course, if you click on the link here, you'll also be able to download this ZIPped file; it's about 13.5 Kb. This report sold quite a few copies of HomeSite at the time!

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